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Pretty Hard At Times was started by Dareyauna (14) & Sapphire (12) Bridges. They Witnessed a situation, and couldn't understand the why? Why was this happening to a person so young a person they felt was deserving of help. I asked them what could they do about it? And in one one week they had a mission. They set out to find resources for parenting options, milk, food and prenatal care. with their own money the bought diapers, wipes. and and some clothing items. so with the help of two young ladies, the young mother was able to get prenatal care instead of an abortion she thought was the only way! She was able to get scheduled for online parenting classes. She found out she was having a lovely baby boy and that she was already over 13 weeks. This bleeds a blessing. Now we have come up with a organization where we, 1. Pretty Hard At Times, WILL provide help with diapers and wipes. 2. Provide resources  to and about parenting classes. 3. Provide resources for domestic violence awareness (If needed) hotline numbers, classes, and shelter. 4. We will give individuals a space for discussions. A space to open up and and post daily about their bundles of joy.  
Started by two teenage individuals. We are A Diaper Bank. We distribute diapers directly to individuals who are  suffering for the need of diapers. Focusing on low-income areas and women that have been affected by domestic violence and even teens with toddlers. We also supply some of the shelter here in the DFW area with diapers and wipes as well. We made a choice to help.....and we are here

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I am the mother of two bright and beautiful young girls who are determined to make a difference. I am a domestic violence survivor, I am an advocate, And I am a strong supporter of the need for diapers.




I'm A 12 year old advocate. I love to raise awareness. Diaper Awareness, And Domestic Violence Awareness.
Personally I love to paint. I also enjoy the Anime Characters.




I am 14 year old. I am one of the lovely Founders. I am creative. I'm an individual who is determined to push for a change. I am a child of god, and I will do all things through Christ who strengths me.

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